This is an archive of games, large and small, that williewillus knows and cares about. It focuses on danmaku STG's and Touhou fangames.

In this age of the internet, we take mass-availability of things for granted. We share MEGA and Mediafire links liberally, ignorant of the fact they actually rot and expire very quickly. Precious fangames and fanworks can be lost in this way.

This archive is meant to preserve, as long as I'm able, copies of all games that I've been able to legally get my hands on. I won't be including DRM-ed Steam games here. Demos and betas are very much IN SCOPE, as they are often even rarer than fully-released games.

Here's the structure of this folder:

Please enjoy! Email "me" (at) (this site's domain, minus the "files" part) (dot) (net) with any questions and concerns.